torsdag, december 17, 2009

Meet me

Snart lanserar vi vårt nya intranät på jobbet. En ny funktion som kommer att finnas med är "Meet your co-workers" där olika personer från olika delar av organisationen presenteras i text och bild och får berätta lite om sig själva. Allt för att öka vi-känslan ;)

Jag blev tillfrågad om jag ville vara med. Klart jag ville! Så här kommer det att stå om mig (bild från NY förra året):

What do you like most about your job?
The fact that each new day is different from the day before. But most of all I like the amazing people that makes this company!
Describe the company atmosphere:
Friendly, open, qurious and dedicated.
Which is so far your favorite moment/memory from work?
All the laughs and fun I've had with the participants in our training classes. I will never forget our Jeep-safari's in the woods for as long as I live, that's for sure!
What's your favorite holiday destination?
Travel is my biggest passion in life so it is difficult to choose only one favourite. In the middle of January me and my boyfriend leave for a round-the-world-trip for 4,5 months. So I'm sure we will have lot of new favorite destinations when we come home. Two of the stops that I look forward to the most is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.
What's your favorite music?
I love music and listen to a lot of different artists, depending on situation and mood. Some of my favorites are James Morrison, Melissa Horn and Robbie Williams.
Do you have any good tips about music, books or food/cooking?
The book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Guilbert. It is a travelogue of spiritual seeking and by far the best book I have ever read!

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